Monday, August 30, 2010

Me.....a month and a half later

Ha. The procrastinating continues. I meant to write a post a week after the last one about my Mom's fourty-fifth birthday party which took place at my house. I had a clever title all ready to go, and I was going to post pictures and recipes for the food we ate. It was going to be great. What happened? Well...I was waiting for my mom to send me the pictures, and when I got them I just got distracted or something. Who knows. Procrastination is a mysterious thing sometimes.

A week after that I actually found out about something that is a valid excuse for why I haven't written. It's something that has had me quite distracted and turned upside down.

I'm pregnant.

Are you shocked? (those of you readers who didn't know)

I was. So was Brodie. We are also very happy! I was going to not write about it for a while, but then I thought it might be good for me. It has been a time of excitement, but also anxiety and uncertainty. I've always turned to writing in times of anxiety before, so why not now?

We are also planning a wedding which is taking place in two months. There are lots of details to go over, but we are trying to keep it as simple and stress-free as possible. That is, however, another post for another time.

It's interesting being me and being pregnant. Someone who is filled with anxiety and neuroses before becoming pregnant will usually find that all those things are still there and are actually magnified during pregnancy. Thanks to those fun hormones! (or horror-mones as I heard them described in a book recently)

I'm trying to go back to some of the tricks I've used in the past to deal with myself. Exercise is a big one. I was exercising a lot before becoming pregnant, and I noticed a huge difference in my moods. Since finding out, though, I have been too freaked out to do anything besides moderate walking and the occasional Prenatal Yoga DVD.

After a particularly difficult day yesterday I woke up this morning craving more intense exercise. I realize that I shouldn't push myself too hard, but I can probably do more than I have been doing. Today started off great with my Yoga class that I teach at a boarding school for teen-aged girls. They are awesome, and being there today made me feel so grounded. After class I went to the gym and did the elliptical for half an hour and tried to push myself. It felt great!

I know that every pregnant lady experiences worry. I'm sure it's just our maternal instinct kicking in, but I'm tired of it consuming my life. I'm just going to have faith that everything is going to be okay, and realize that some things are out of my control. I'm also going to be more dedicated to doing the best I can and making sure that I pay attention to the things that are really important to me, like my relationship with a very sweet and patient guy. :)


  1. Congrats again!! And dont be too afraid to exercise... Lindsay was running like 3 miles a day up until the day Caleb was born and he turned out just fine. :)

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  3. Jessica, thank you so much for my comment It was so good to hear from you. When I read your comment my heart was aching for you. I am so sorry that you had to experience it too. What you said was exactly right. It is so personal and so real. Let me know if you need to talk or if you need anything. Hold on the the fact that you can be a mother someday. That helped me a lot. Stay in touch.