Monday, January 10, 2011

An Update

Here is a tally of what has been going on since my last post four months ago:

Number of husbands acquired: 1. I get a dorky little shiver of happiness whenever I say that word :)

Number of pregnancies lost: 1. Gained much from the experience, however.

Number of last names lost: 1. I will always be a Dixon at heart!

Number of last names gained: 1. Official name is Jessica Rynn Duncan

Number of fathers-in-law acquired: 3. Brodie's Dad, Brodie's stepdad, and Bill-my mom's new husband as of Christmas Eve

Number of mothers-in-law acquired: 2 wonderful ladies!

Number of siblings-in-law acquired: two half and one step brother, one step sister. Two step nephews as well!

Number of businesses started: 1. Mindful Mama Prenatal Yoga

Fear of trying skiing conquered!

Number of auto accidents: 1

Trips out of town: one to Sedona for our Honeymoon and one to New Mexico for Thanksgiving.

Number of cars purchased: 1. Big life lesson involved. Will share in a later post.

Number of new jobs started: 1

Number of cars sold: 2

Number of bad colds suffered through: 2

Number of desserts eaten: I've lost track...

Many of these will turn into posts of their own. I'm in a good place right now and am excited for what lies ahead!

Here's to forgiving ourselves, letting go of perfection, and doing our best in 2011.